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Language of Flowers

F - K
Fennel: Force, Strength, Worthy of all praise
Fern: Fascination, Magic, Sincerity, Confidence, Shelter
Fern, Maidenhair: Sacred bond of love
Fig: Argument, Longevity, Long-lived
Fig Marigold: Idleness
Fig Tree: Prolific
Fir: Elevation, Time
Fleur-de-lis: Flame, I burn
Fleur-de-Luce: Fire
Flowering Fern: Reverie
Flowering Reed: Confide in heaven
Flytrap: Deceit, Artifice
Forget-me-not: True love, Do not forget, Memories
Fox Glove: I am ambitious only for you, Insincerity, A wish
Freesia: Trust
French Honeysuckle: Rustic beauty
French Marigold: Jealousy
French Willow: Bravery and humanity
Fuchsia: Humble love
Fuchsia, Scarlet: Taste


Garden Anemone: Forsaken
Garden Daisy: I partake your sentiments
Gardenia: Transport, Ecstasy, Secret Love, You're Lovely
Garden Marigold: Sacred affection, Uneasiness
Garden Ranunculus: You are rich in attractions
Garden Sage: Esteem
Garland of Roses: Reward of virtue
Garlic: Courage, Strength
Geranium, General: Comfort
Geranium, Apple: Present preference, Facility
Geranium, Dark: Melancholy
Geranium, Ivy: Your hand for next dance, Bridal favour
Geranium, Lemon: Unexpected meeting
Geranium, Nutmeg: Expected meeting
Geranium, Oak: Lady, deign to smile, A melancholy mind
Geranium, Oak-leaf: True friendship
Geranium, Penciled: Ingenuity
Geranium, Rose: Preference, I prefer you
Geranium, Scarlet: Silliness, Comforting, Stupidity
Geranium, Silver-leaf: Recall
Geranium, Wild: Steadfast piety
Gladiolus : Ready armed, Preparedness, I'm sincere
Glory Flower: Glorious beauty, Glory
Gloxinia: Love at First Sight
Golden Rod: Encouragement, Precaution
Gooseberry: Anticipation
Gourd: Extend, Bulk
Grape: Charity, Intemperance
Grape Vine: Intemperance
Grass: Utility, Submission, Usefulness
Great Yellow Daffodil: Chivalry
Greek Valerian: Rupture
Guelder Rose: Winter, Age, Good news


Harebell: Grief, Retirement, Submission,
Hawthorn: Hope
Hazel: Reconciliation
Hazelnut/Filbert: I would like to reconcile
Heather, Lavender: Admiration, Solitude
Heather, White: Protection, Wishes will come true
Heliotrope: I adore you, Devotion
Heliotrope, Peruvian: I love you, Devotion, Faithfulness, Infatuation, Adoration
Hemlock: You will be my death
Hibiscus: Delicate beauty
Hoarhound: Fire
Holly: Domestic happiness, Am I forgotten?, Foresight, Defense
Hollyhock: Fruitfulness, Fecundity, Ambition,
Hollyhock, White: Female ambition
Honey Flower: Sweet and secret love
Honeysuckle: The bond of love, Devoted love, Generous and devoted affection
Honeysuckle, Coral: The color of my fate
Honeysuckle (French): Rustic beauty
Honeysuckle, Monthly: I will not answer hastily, Domestic happiness
Honeysuckle, Wild: Devoted love
Hop: Injustice
Horse-Chestnut: Luxury
Hortensia: You are cold
Hundred-leaved Rose: Dignity of mind
Hyacinth: Jealousy, Constancy, Benevolence
Hyacinth, Blue: Constancy
Hyacinth, Purple: Sorrow, I am Sorry, Please Forgive Me
Hyacinth, Red or Pink: Play
Hyacinth, White: Unobtrusive loveliness, I'll pray for you
Hyacinth, Yellow: Jealousy
Hydrangea: Heartlessness, Thank you for Understanding, Fertility


Indian Jasmine (Ipomoea): Attachment, I attach myself to you
Iris: Your friendship means so much to me, Faith, Hope, Wisdom, Promise
Iris, Common Garden: A message for thee
Iris, German: Flame
Iris, Yellow: Flame
Ivy: Fidelity, Marriage, Wedded Love, Friendship, Affection
Ivy Leaf: Friendship
Ivy, Sprig of, with tendrils: Assiduous to please
Ivy Vine: Matrimony, Marriage


Jacob's Ladder: Come down
Jasmine: Amiability, You are cheerful and graceful
Jasmine, Cape: Transport of joy
Jasmine, Carolina: Separation
Jasmine, Indian: I attach myself to you
Jasmine, Spanish: Sensuality
Jasmine, White: Amiability
Jasmine, Yellow: Grace and elegance
Jessamine, Cape: Transient joy
Jessamine, White: Amiability
Jessamine, Yellow: Grace, elegance
Jonquil: Sympathy, Return my affection, Desire, Affection returned
Juniper: Perfect loveliness, Protection


Kings-cups: Desire of riches