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Georgian Gilt Bronze and Amethyst Revolving Multi-Seal
Item No. ZZZ1300895
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A Georgian revolving multi-seal, comprised of a highly decorative, scrolling gilt bronze mount, and a faceted amethyst handle. Probably French, circa 1825.

Contains six seals:
White: "Telle Est La Vie" ("Such Is The Life"), with a ship in the center
Yellow: "Forget Thee? No!"
Orange: "In Adversis Etiam Fida" ("In Adversity, Still Loyal"), with a column and ivy (a symbol of fidelity)
Purple: "I Could A Tale Unfold", with a peacock in the center (a symbol of resilience an renewal)
Black: "Cor Supra Mundum" ("Heart Above the World"), with a globe and two hearts
Blue: "We Part To Meet Again", with a pair of open scissors
3 3/4" x 1 1/8"