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Language of Flowers

L - P
Lady's Slipper: Win me and wear me, Capricious beauty
Larkspur: Fickleness, Lightness, Levity
Larkspur, Pink: Lightness, Fickleness
Larkspur, Purple: Haughtiness
Laurel: Glory
Laurel, American: Words, though sweet, may deceive
Laurel, Common, in flower: Perfidy
Laurel, Ground: Perseverance
Laurel, Mountain: Glory, Victory, Ambition of a hero
Laurel-leaved Magnolia: Dignity
Lavender: Mistrust, Distrust
Leaves (dead): Melancholy, Sadness
Lemon: Zest
Lemon Blossom: Discretion, Prudence, Fidelity in love
Lemon Verbena: Unity
Lettuce: Cold-hearted
Lichen: Dejection, Solitude
Lilac: Do you still love me?
Lilac, Field: Humility
Lilac, Purple: First emotion of love
Lilac, White: Youthful, Innocence, Candor, Modest and Pure Emotions
Lily: Purity, Modesty
Lily, Calla: Feminine beauty, Delicacy, Modesty, True love
Lily, Day: Coquetry
Lily, Eucharis: Maiden Charms
Lily, Imperial: Majesty
Lily of the Valley: Sweetness, Humility, You've made my life complete
Lily, Orange: Hatred
Lily, Scarlet: High-bred, High-souled
Lily, Tiger: Wealth, Pride
Lily, Water: Eloquence, Sincerity, Purity of Heart
Lily, White: Majesty, Purity, Sweetness
Lily, Yellow: Falsehood, Gaiety, I'm Walking on Air
Linden Leaf: Matrimony, marriage
Linden Sprig: Conjugal love
Live Oak: Liberty
Lotus: Forgetful of the past, Eloquence
Lotus Flower: Estranged love, I love you still
Lotus Leaf: Recantation
Lupine: Dejection, Voraciousness, Imagination


Magnolia: Love of Nature, Nobility
Magnolia, Grandiflora: Peerless and proud
Magnolia, Swamp: Perseverance
Maiden's Hair: Discretion
Mallow: Good and Kind, Sweetness, Mildness
Mallow, Marsh: Beneficence
Mallow, Syrian: Consumed by love, Persuasion
Mallow, Venetian: Delicate beauty
Mandrake: Horror, Rarity, Honor
Maple: Reserve
Marigold: Cruelty, Sacred Affection, Grief
Marigold, French: Jealousy
Marigold, Prophetic: Prediction, Cruelty, Grief, Jealousy
Marigold, Small Cape: Omen, Sign
Marigold and Cypress: Despair
Marjoram: Blushes
Marshmallow: Beneficence
Mayflower: Welcome
Meadow Saffron: My best days are gone, Growing old
Mimosa: Sensitiveness
Mint: Virtue
Mistletoe: Obstacles to be overcome, I surmount all difficulties, Kiss Me
Morning Glory: Coquetry, Affection, Vain glory
Moss: Maternal love, Charity
Moss Rose: Voluptuous love
Mouse Ear: Forget me not
Mushroom: Suspicion
Mustard Seed: Indifference
Myrrh: Gladness
Myrtle: Love in absence, Love


Narcissus: Uncertainty, Egotism, Self-love, Formality, Stay as Sweet as you are
Nasturtium: Patriotism, Splendor, Victory in Battle
Nettle: Cruelty, Slander
Nightshade: Dark thoughts, Bitter truth
A Nosegay: Gallantry


Oak: Hospitality, Bravery
Oak Leaves: Bravery and Humanity
Oak (white): Independence
Oleander: Beware, Caution
Olive: Peace
Orange: Generosity
Orange Blossoms: Your purity equals your loveliness, Chastity, Innocence, Marriage and Fruitfulness
Orange Tree: Generosity
Orchid: Love, You are beautiful, Refined beauty


Palm Leaves: Victory, Success
Pansy: You occupy my thoughts, Love and attraction
Pansy, Purple: Heart's ease
Parsley: Entertainment, Festivity, Banquet, Lasting Pleasures
Passion Flower: Religious fervor, Devotion
Pea: An appointed meeting
Peach Blossom: I am yours, You hold me captive
Pear and Pear Tree: Affection
Peony: Anger, Ostentation, Shame, Bashfulness, Gay Life, Happy Marriage
Peppermint: Warmth of feeling
Periwinkle: Sweet memories
Periwinkle, Blue: Early friendship, Early attachment
Periwinkle, White: Pleasures of memory, Pleasant recollections
Persimmon: Bury me amid nature's beauties
Peruvian Heliotrope: Devotion
Petunia: Am not proud, Don't despair, Resentment, Anger
Phlox: Our souls united, Unanimity, United hearts
Pimpernel: Rendezvous, Change, Assignation
Pine: Time, Endurance, Daring, Pity, Hope
Pine, Black: Pity
Pine, Pitch: Philosophy, Time and faith
Pine, Spruce: Hope in adversity, Farewell
Pine Tree: Courage, Daring
Pineapple: Welcome, You are perfection
Plum, Wild: Independence
Poet's Narcissus: Egotism, Self-love
Pomegranate: Foolishness, Conceit
Pomegranate, Flower: Mature elegance
Poplar, Black: Courage
Poplar, White: Time
Poppy: Eternal Sleep, Oblivion, Imagination, Consolation
Poppy, Corn: Consolation
Poppy, Red: Pleasure
Poppy, Scarlet: Fantastic extravagance
Poppy, White: Sleep of the heart, Oblivion, My antidote, Consolation
Poppy, Yellow: Wealth, Success
Potato: Benevolence
Prickly Pear: Satire
Primrose: Modest worth, Silent love, Early youth, I can't live without you
Primrose, Evening: Inconstancy
Primrose, Red: Unpatronized merit
Purple Clover: Provident