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Language of Flowers

Q - K
Quince: Temptation


Ranunculus: You are radiant with charms, I am dazzled by your charms
Ranunculus, Wild: Ingratitude
Raspberry: Remorse
Reeds: Music, Musical
Reed, Split: Indiscretion
Rhubarb: Advice
Rose, Austrian: Thou art all that is lovely
Rose, Bridal: Happy love
Rose, Burgundy: Unconscious beauty
Rose, Cabbage: Ambassador of love
Rose, Campion: Only deserve my love
Rose, Carolina: Love is dangerous
Rose, Christmas: Tranquilize my anxiety
Rose, Cinnamon: Without pretension
Rose, Coral: Desire
Rose, Damask: Brilliant complexion, Freshness
Rose, Dark Crimson: Mourning
Rose, Dark Pink: Thankfulness
Rose, Deep Red: Bashful shame
Rose, Dog: Pleasure and pain
Rose, Full-blown: You are beautiful
Rose, Hibiscus: Delicate beauty
Rose, Inermis: Ingratitude
Rose, Japan: Beauty is your only attraction
Rose, Lavender: Enchantment
Rose Leaf: I never trouble, You may hope
Rose, Maiden's Blush: If you love me, you will discover it
Rose, Musk: Capricious beauty
Rose, Orange: Fascination
Rose, Pale Peach: Modesty
Rose, Pale Pink: Grace, Joy
Rose, Pink: Perfect happiness, Please believe me, Friendship
Rose, Red: I love you, Passionate Love
Rose, Red Leaved: Wishes for Prosperity
Rose, Sweetbrier: Sympathy
Rose, Tea: Always lovely, I'll remember
Rose, Thornless: Love at first sight
Rose, White: Innocence and purity, I am worthy of you, You're heavenly
Rose, White-dried: Death is preferable to loss of virtue
Rose, White, Full: I am worthy of you
Rose, White (withered): Transient impression
Rose, White and Red together: Unity
Rose, Wild, Single: Simplicity
Rose, Yellow: Decrease of love, Infidelity, Unfaithfulness, Jealousy, Joy, Friendship
Rose, York and Lancaster: War
Roses, Garland of: Reward of virtue
Rosebud: Confession of love, Young girl, Beauty and joy, A heart innocent of love
Rosebud, Moss: Confession of love
Rosebud, Red: Pure and lovely, You are young and beautiful
Rosebud, White: The heart that knows not love, Girlhood, Too young to love
Roses, Bouquet of full bloom: Gratitude
Roses, Musk Cluster: Charming
Roses, Single full bloom: I love you
Rosemary: Your presence revives me, Remembrance


Saffron/Saffron Flower: Do not abuse, Excess is dangerous
Saffron Crocus: Do not abuse me
Saffron, Meadow: My happiest days are past
Sage: Esteem, Domestic Virtue
Sage, Garden: Esteem
Scotch Fir: Elevation
Scotch Thistle: Retaliation
Shamrock: Light-heartedness
Snapdragon: Presumption, No, Deception, Gracious lady
Snowdrop: Hope, Consolation, A friend in adversity
Spanish Jasmine: Sensuality
Spider Flower: Elope with me
Spiderwort: Esteem, but not love
Straw: Agreement, United
Straw, Broken: Rupture of a contract, Quarrel
Straw, Whole: Union, unity
Strawberry: Perfect excellence
Strawberry Tree (Arbutus): Esteem and love
Sunflower: False riches
Sunflower, Dwarf: Your devout admirer, Adoration
Sunflower, Fall: Pride
Sunflower, Tall: Lofty and wise thoughts, Haughtiness
Sweet Briar : Poetry, Simplicity
Sweet Pea: Delicate pleasures, Blissful Pleasure, Thank you for a lovely time
Sycamore: Curiosity


Tendrils of Plants: Ties
Thistle: Austerity, Sternness
Thistle, Common: Austerity
Thistle, Fuller's: Misanthropy
Thistle, Scotch: Retaliation
Thorn Apple: Deceitful charms
Thorn, Black: Difficulty
Thorn, Branch of: Severity
Thorns: Severity
Thyme: Activity
Tiger Flower: May pride befriend thee
Truffle: Surprise
Trumpet Flower: Separation, Fame
Tuberose: Dangerous pleasures, Voluptuousness, Sweet voice
Tulip, General: Declaration of love, Fame, Perfect lover
Tulip, Red: Declaration of love, Believe me
Tulip Tree: Rural happiness, Fame
Tulip, Variegated: Beautiful eyes
Tulip, Yellow: Hopeless love, I am hopelessly in love, There's sunshine in your smile
Turnip: Charity