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Language of Flowers

V - Z
Venus's Flytrap: Caught at last
Verbena: Sensibility, Sensitiveness
Verbena, Pink: Family union
Verbena, Purple: I weep for you, Regret
Verbena, White: Pray for me
Violet, Blue: Faithfulness, Modesty, Modest love
Violet, Dame: Watchfulness, You are the queen of coquettes
Violet, Purple: You occupy my thoughts
Violet, Sweet: Modesty
Violet, White: Purity, Candor, Modesty, Innocence
Violet, Yellow: Modest worth, Rural happiness


Walnut: Intellect, Stratagem
Water Lily: Purity of heart
Weeping Willow: Forsaken, Melancholy
Wheat: Wealth, Riches, Prosperity
Whortleberry: Treachery, Treason
Willow, Common: Forsaken
Willow, Creeping: Love forsaken
Willow, French: Bravery and humanity
Willow, Weeping: Mourning
Windflower: Desertion, Forsaken
Winter Cherry: Deception
Wormwood: Absence


Yew: Sadness, Sorrow, Penitence, Repentance


Zinnia: I mourn your absence
Zinnia, Magenta: Lasting affection
Zinnia, Mixed: Thinking (or in memory) of an absent friend
Zinnia, Scarlet: Constancy
Zinnia, White: Goodness
Zinnia, Yellow: Daily remembrance