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Language of Flowers

Using flowers to convey non-verbal meanings dates back many centuries and was especially popular during the Victorian era. At a time when it was unseemly to discuss emotions in public, flowers were used to convey one’s deepest emotions in a unspoken manner. Some flowers, such as orange blossoms, ivy and roses, are known to have conveyed meaning when used in jewelry. The following list describes the meanings of many commonly known flowers and can be used to give extra meaning to your special pieces of antique jewelry.

A - E

Acacia: Chaste love, Secret love, Friendship
Acacia, Rose: Elegance
Acacia, White: Friendship, Chaste love
Acacia, Yellow: Secret love
Acorn: Nordic symbol of life and immortality
Almond: Hope, Giddiness, Heedlessness
Almond (Flowering): Hope
Aloe: Sorrow, Grief
Alstroemeria: Strength
Alyssum, Sweet: Worth beyond beauty
Amaranth: Immortality, Unfading love
Amaryllis: Splendid beauty, Beautiful but timid, Pride, Pastoral Poetry
Ambrosia: Love returned
American Cowslip: Divine beauty
American Elm: Patriotism
American Linden: Matrimony
Anemone: Anticipation, Expectation
Apple: Temptation
Apple Blossom: Preference, I prefer you
Apple, Thorn: Deceitful charms
Apricot Flower: Doubt, Distrust
Arbor vitae: Unchanging friendship, Live for me
Ash/Ash Tree: Grandeur
Ash-leaved Trumpet Flower: Separation
Ash, Mountain: Prudence
Aspen Tree: Lamentation, Sighing
Aster (China): Variety, Afterthought
Aster, Large flowered: Afterthought, Love of variety
Auricula, Scarlet: Avarice
Autumn Leaves: Melancholy
Azalea: Romance, Temperance, Fragile passion, True to the end

Baby's Breath: Ours is an everlasting love
Bachelor's Button: Hope, Single-blessedness, Celibacy, Hope in love
Balm: A cure, Sympathy
Balm, Mint: Pleasantry
Basil: Give me your good wishes, Best Wishes
Bay Tree: Glory
Bay Wreath: Reward of merit
Beech: Prosperity, Lovers' tryst
Begonia: Deformed, Beware
Belladonna: Silence
Bell Flower: Constancy, Gratitude
Bell Flower, Pyramidal: Constancy
Bell Flower (small white): Gratitude
Bells of Ireland: Good Luck
Birch Tree: Gracefulness, Meekness
Bittersweet, Nightshade: Truth
Black Bryony: Be my support
Black Thorn: Difficulty
Bluebell: Constancy, Kindness, Humility
Blue Bottle: Delicacy
Bouquet of Withered Flowers: Rejected Love
Box/Box Tree: Indifference, Constancy, Stoicism
Bramble: Lowliness, Envy, Remorse
Branch of Currants: You please all
Branch of Thorns: Severity, Rigor
Bridal Rose: Happy love
Briers: Envy
Broken Straw: Constancy
Bud of White Rose: Heart ignorant of love
Buttercup: Riches, Memories of childhood, Ingratitude, Childishness

Cabbage: Profit
Calla AEthiopica: Magnificent Beauty
Calla Lilly: Feminine beauty, Delicacy, Modesty, True love
Calendula: Constancy
Camellia: Gratitude, Perfect, Loveliness, I shall love you always, Admiration
Camellia Japonica, Red: Unpretending excellence
Camellia Japonica, White: Perfected loveliness
Camellia, Pink: Longing for you
Camellia, Red: You're a flame in my heart
Camellia, White: You're adorable
Camomile/Chamomile: Energy in adversity
Carnation: Pure and deep love, Pride and beauty, Fascination
Carnation, Deep Red: Alas! for my poor heart
Carnation, Pink: I'll never forget you
Carnation, Purple: Capriciousness
Carnation, Red: My heart aches for you
Carnation, Solid Color: Yes
Carnation, Striped: Refusal, No, Sorry I can't be with you
Carnation, White: Sweet and lovely, Innocence, Pure love, Women's good luck gift
Carnation, Yellow: Disdain, Rejection, You have disappointed me
Cattail: Peace, Prosperity
Cedar: Think of me, I live for thee, Strength
Champignon: Suspicion
Checkered Fritillary: Persecution
Cherry: A good education
Cherry Blossom: Spiritual beauty
Cherry Tree: Good education
Cherry Tree, White: Deception
Chestnut: Do me justice
Chickweed: Rendezvous, Will you meet me?
China Aster: Love of variety, I will think of thee
China Aster, Double: I partake your sentiments
China Aster, Single: I will think of it, Deliberation
China Rose: Beauty always new
Christmas Rose: Relieve my anxiety
Chrysanthemum: You're a wonderful friend, Cheerfulness and Rest
Chrysanthemum, Chinese: Cheerfulness under adversity
Chrysanthemum, Red: I love you
Chrysanthemum, Rose: In love
Chrysanthemum, White: Truth, Veracity
Chrysanthemum, Yellow: Slighted love
Cinnamon Tree: Forgiveness of injuries
Cinquefoil: Beloved child, A beloved daughter, Maternal affection
Clematis: Artifice, Mental beauty
Clematis, Evergreen: Poverty
Clover, Four-leaved: Be mine
Clover, Purple: Providence
Clover, Red: Industry
Clover, White: I promise, Think of me
Cloves: Dignity
Cockscomb Amaranth: Foppery, Affectation, Singularity
Columbine: Desertion, Folly
Columbine, Purple: Resolved to win
Columbine, Red: Anxious and trembling, Great anxiety
Corn: Riches, Abundance
Corn, Broken: Quarrel
Cowslip: Native grace, Pensiveness, Winning grace
Cowslip, American: Divine beauty, You are my divinity
Coxcomb: Foppery
Crab Blossom: Ill-tempered
Crocus: Cheerfulness, Abuse not
Crocus, Spring: Youthful gladness
Crocus, Saffron: Mirth
Currants: You please me, Thy frown will kill me
Cypress: Death, Mourning, Despair
Cypress and Marigold: Despair


Daffodil: Chivalry, Unequaled love, Regard, I send my regards, You're the only one
Dahlia: Eloquence and dignity, Forever thine
Daisy, Garden: I share your feelings
Daisy, Michaelmas: Farewell
Daisy, Party-coloured: Beauty
Daisy, Red: Beauty unknown to possessor
Daisy, Single Field: I will think of it
Daisy, White: Innocence, Loyal Love, I'll never tell, Purity
Daisy, Wild: I will think of it
Damask Rose: Bashful love, Brilliant complexion
Dandelion: Rustic oracle, Coquetry, Lover's Oracle, Faithfulness, Happiness
Dandelion Ball: Depart
Day Lily: Coquetry
Dead Leaves: Sadness
Dogwood, Flowering: Am I indifferent to you, Durability, Our love will endure
Double Daisy: Participation, Enjoyment


Ebony: Hypocrisy, Blackness
Elder: Compassion, Zealousness
Elm: Dignity and grace
Evening Primrose: Inconstancy
Evergreen: I will remember you forever